Compression Calve Sleeves


One of the most versatile and popular pieces in the EXOGEN Line our COMPRESSION CALVE SLEEVES offer a great introductory experience into exoskeleton training and the world of Light Variable Resistance Training. Providing great compression support during and after training the calve sleeves offer the most distal loading experience on the body. Just a few hundred grams can boost speed, endurance, power performance significantly. Sizes range from XXS  to XXXL.

*All prices in US Dollars

*All sleeves comes in pair

*Load placement and orientation are user determined and may differ from the photos



Wrapping around the entire lower limb muscle structure, our COMPRESSION CALVE SLEEVES offer the next generation of lower limb loading. They fit great and feel great, won’t bounce around, slip or disturb your running or movement mechanics. Key features and benefits include;

Light Variable Resistance© training of the gastrocs, soleus, knee stabilisors and ankle for;

  • Enhanced running mechanics /economy
  • Hamstring/adductor engagement and strengthening
  • Improved cycling power and cadence
  • Specific loading for the knee and ankle stabilisors
  • Leg speed, power and stability for kicks
  • Foot speed and lateral agility
  • Enhanced metabolic output during endurance running, cycling, swimming

Additional information


1. Fascial-Helix Construction™ Your body’s supportive fascial system is the inspiration for EXOGEN’s patent-pending design. All construction lines, sewing seams and material panels follow your natural fascial structure to achieve one simple goal – great feel & support for uninhibited natural movement.

2. Integrated Thermo-regulation™ – EXOGEN was developed on the equator in one of the most extreme heat & humidity environments on the planet. Our patent-pending, cooling system includes;
i. Micro-cooling – Perforated spirales which directly increase evaporative cooling by 20%
ii. Meso-cooling – COOLMAX® mesh for comfort in your high heat zones
iii. Macro-cooling – High performance inner wicking layer moves sweat away quickly

3. Exoprene Material™ – Our patent-pending Exoprene™ material blend offers Scotchguard® material performance, Aegis® eco-friendly microbial treatment and meets OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certification for human safe materials.

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