Is one of your new year’s resolution to get fit?

If you’ve answered “YES”, we think that we have something to make your workouts more interesting. We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everyone around the world (including us) thus at-home workouts have been the norm these days.

If your at-home workouts need extra resistance, you want to invest EXOGEN Wearable Resistance. The additional weight is a sure-fire way to make whatever workout you’re doing more difficult while burning more calories and get stronger. And if you’ve been sticking with bodyweight exercises, it can be an incredible tool to help push you.


Julien Prieur
Fittest Athlete in Malaysia: CrossFit Open 2018.

Resistance training with EXOGEN®


Resistance training is a form of exercise that improves muscle strength and endurance. This is also known as strength training or weight lifting.

During resistance training, you move your limbs against resistance provided by your own body weight, gravity, bands, weighted bars, or dumbbells. Exercise machines can also be used for resistance training exercises.

The initial idea of EXOGEN Wearable Resistance was conceived when a sport coach was looking for ways to add resistance to his athletes. After working with sprinters for so many years, Joseph Dolcetti found sled training to be intrusive to the athlete’s movement, so much as to impede performance. With that, he started working on prototypes that led to what EXOGEN is today. With a deep footing in sports background, EXOGEN is created to improve sport performance, strength and fitness. EXOGEN Wearable Resistance is the perfect tool for any fitness training whether it’s Bootcamp, CrossFit, F45, HIIT, Plyometrics or gym training.

Troy Woolfolk. Vegan Fit, Crowned “Austin Fittest”, former NFL Cornerback



EXOGEN Wearable Resistance offers unparalleled freedom of movement. We recommend you to start with our Sleeveless Top for general fitness. The Sleeveless Top comes with Postural-Support Straps© that provides up to 20% low-back support during movement. With the Sleeveless Top, you are able to add resistance to your bodyweight movements such as crunches, squats, chin-ups, deadlifts, power cleans and more.

Improve your range of motion, rotational power, balance and endurance during your workouts. Not only that, wearing the Sleeveless Top could also help you with your walking and sitting posture for long hours of the day, in your sedentary lifestyle. If you are someone who hunches subconsciously, you could place the loads in an area that allows you to work your core and shoulders into the desired position naturally.

Light Variable Resistance© training of the core abdominal, trunk, scapula & spine muscles. You could also pair EXOGEN Wearable Resistance Sleeveless Top with other EXOGEN products for optimal results.




Weight vests are usually heavy, bulky and can become restrictive. Your movements can be impeded because of its heavy weight. Generally, weight vests are used in the gym environment. However with EXOGEN, you can wear our Sleeveless Top in your very own game environment. This means you can actually wear it to the golf course, court, field and even in the pool!

As EXOGEN allows you to move in real-time sport speed, you are can add resistance to your movements where it transfers to your game directly. Isn’t that just incredible? Never have a training product been invented for this very resistance purpose.

As with all resistance training, it will only increase your strength and speed over time. The huge advantage with EXOGEN is, you can load in a specific weak area to bring your game to the next level!

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Inactive adults experience a 3% to 8% loss of muscle mass per decade, accompanied by resting metabolic rate reduction and fat accumulation. Ten weeks of resistance training may increase lean weight by 1.4 kg, increase resting metabolic rate by 7%, and reduce fat weight by 1.8 kg.

Benefits of resistance training include improved physical performance, movement control, walking speed, functional independence, cognitive abilities, and self-esteem. Resistance training may assist prevention and management of type 2 diabetes by decreasing visceral fat, reducing HbA1c, increasing the density of glucose transporter type 4, and improving insulin sensitivity.

Resistance training may enhance cardiovascular health, by reducing resting blood pressure, decreasing low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and triglycerides, and increasing high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. Resistance training may promote bone development, with studies showing 1% to 3% increase in bone mineral density. Resistance training may be effective for reducing low back pain and easing discomfort associated with arthritis and fibromyalgia and has been shown to reverse specific aging factors in skeletal muscle.




One of the major benefit of using EXOGEN is calorie burning. As we have guessed, wearing weight on your body forces us to use more energy and effort when we move. With the additional load, the output of energy increases and thus higher calorie burn.

Research evidence shows resistance training not only has beneficial effects on reducing body fat, it also increases muscle size and strength. Resistance training helps with excess fat loss by increasing both after-burn after exercise, and by increasing muscle size, thereby increasing the number of calories burned at rest. Research also indicates that virtually all the benefits of resistance training are likely to be obtained in two 15- to 20-min training sessions a week. Sensible resistance training involves precise controlled movements for each major muscle group and does not require the use of very heavy resistance. 



Improve your core, range of motion, rotational power, balance and endurance.

How do I train with it?


EXOGEN® Wearable Resistance is simple and effective. Here’s a guide:

  1. Wear the top over your body.
  2. Add the Fusiform loads to your desired body part. You can change the placement of the loads and combinations of weight or follow our Loading guidelines.
  3. Go for your workout as usual!


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Because the loads are customizable, the possibilities are just endless! Here we have compiled a few to get you started.

‘FULL METAL JACKET’ – FRONT • Body weight calisthenics training • Full core blast • Body weight squats & lunges
‘FULL METAL JACKET’ – BACK • Full upper body posterior chain • Olympic and crossfit lifts • Glute hamstring loading & toning
RESISTIVE DISTAL TRUNK – FRONT • Rounded shoulders • Poor slumped posture • High intensity core & ab toning
ASSISTIVE DISTAL TRUNK – BACK • Corrective loading forpoor posture • “Sitting” pelvis corrective loading • Body weight muscle ups bar exercises
LATERAL TRUNK – EXTERNAL • Side/oblique core training • Assistive loading for over rotation in trunk pelvis
LATERAL TRUNK – EXTERNAL • Side/oblique core training • Assistive loading for over rotation in trunk pelvis

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While creating the best resistance tool in the market, LILA was mindful on meeting the demand one of the major problems for athletes: Sports Injury. An injury can cause huge losses not only for the athlete, but also for their sports organizations as well.

Undoubtedly, there is a huge demand for injured athletes to return to the game, quickly and safely. We have done a few studies on elite athletes in the lab with Auckland University of Technology (LILA’s research partner) and found encouraging results.


            INCREASED Horizontal GRF & horizontal power by 27–47 % during sprint start phase

             INCREASED Peak velocity by 7 % during the Start phase

             INCREASED Relative vertical GRF by 3 – 4 % during the Acceleration and Vmax phase

             INCREASED starting peak velocity BY 6% with light loading

             Supports re-balancing of power kinetics and kinematics in ELITE female athlete with acute lower leg fracture


Huriana Manuel New Zealand rugby union player 2010 Women’s Rugby World Cup & 2009 Rugby World Cup Sevens winner


What are the features of EXOGEN® Sleeveless Top?


1. Fascial-Helix Construction™ Your body’s supportive fascial system is the inspiration for EXOGEN’s patented design. All construction lines, sewing seams and material panels follow your natural fascial structure to achieve one simple goal – great feel & support for uninhibited natural movement.

2. Integrated Thermo-regulation™ – EXOGEN was developed on the equator in one of the most extreme heat & humidity environments on the planet. Our patent-pending, cooling system includes;

i. Micro-cooling – SUNDri®  moisture management inner wicking layer finish quickly moves sweat and heat away from the skin to the outer layers. The 3M moisture management treatment helps wick away moisture and resist any stains.

ii. Meso-cooling – 3M SCOTCHGARD® wicking mesh allows maximal breathability in the intermediate sweat zones of the neck, chest, under-arm, lower back and groin. Mesh treated moisture technology ensures maximum transfer and breathability.

iii. Macro-cooling – Our patented Spirale-perforations allow direct skin-on-air evaporative cooling, rapidly funneling sweat and heat away from the body which directly improves evaporative cooling by over 20%.

3. Exoprene Material® – Our patented Exoprene® material blend offers Recycled PET, Scotchguard® material wicking finish performance, Aegis® eco-friendly microbial treatment and meets OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certification for human safe materials. EXOGEN® ’s patented material combination meets current scientific standards for improving recovery and performance.



Improve your core, range of motion, rotational power, balance and endurance.

What comes with the EXOGEN® Sleeveless Top?


Once you place an order, you will receive :

  1. EXOGEN® Wearable Resistance SLEEVELESS TOP
  2. Set of Fusiform loads (total load dependent on your selected size)
  3. Roll-up bag for loads and sleeves

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