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“EXOGEN® is one of the most innovative and ground-breaking products to come in the sports industry in the past 10-15 years. We are only scratching the surface on wearable resistance and LVRT (Light Variable Resistance Training) This is the future of movement specific training. AUT SPRINZ is excited to be part of this development.” – Dr. John Cronin

Dr. John Cronin is recognised internationally as one of the world’s leading sports scientists. He is a Professor of Strength and Conditioning at Auckland University of Technology’s Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand. As our Head of Research, Dr. Cronin oversees all EXOGEN® wearable resistance research globally.

The Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand (SPRINZ) is New Zealand’s number one rated sports research institute with a growing global reputation. SPRINZ is a group of dynamic and innovative researchers producing applied research in improving human health, sports performance and long-term athletic development.


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#FUNFRIDAY Why is it hard work being a diver? Because they're under a lot of pressure (pun intended 😜)

All the best @yiwei95 to qualify for the next Olympics! #RoadToTokyo​

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#LILAEDUCATION with LILA Cricket Master Coach @steffanjones105 // The leading role in the process of mastering simple, as well as complex movements is played by the CNS. Its morphological development ends at the time of ending sexual development Eg: 12-13 years of age, centers of the motor system are developed and motor functions are improved. This to me is when technical work needs to form the basis of fast bowling long term development.

Nikolaenko showed that children 14-15 years are capable of mastering complex skills but not as well as children of 12-13 years. So this is where your highly skilled technicians need to be. The impact we have here will have consequences for the career of our bowlers

With age, there is a significant increase in the intensity of the excitatory processes. Most frequently the process of excitation overcomes the process of inhibition. The excitatory processes approach the level of adults by 8-10 years. This is the phase where speed can be enhanced. It’s the first-speed window

According to Korobkva by the age of 9-11 yrs, the latent period of motor actions reactions in limb movement are the same as those of adults. By the age of 13-14 yrs movements of the shoulder, thigh, shin and foot are the same as adults. This is the age I believe wearable resistance @lilamovetech could be added. By the age of 14-15 years, the tempo of movement (arm speed in throwing terms) will have reached the maximum. This is the end of the second window of opportunity for speed enhancement.

I increased bowling speed dramatically between the age of 15-16yrs. I become one of the fastest bowlers in the country taking 58 wickets for Wales U16 that year! I played indoor cricket, with a light ball the winter leading up to that season. Know it all makes sense!

As coaches and in actual fact the game as a whole needs to understand, respect, and utilize these stages of a fast bowler long term development plan.


What's the best EXOGEN product to start with for Fast Bowling? We recommend to start with:​

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2. Forearm Sleeves USD99​

You can purchase the products individually or as a combo set to maximise load placement on your body. As part of our webinar special, use promo code "SJWEB" to enjoy it at a special rate, valid for 72 hours after webinar ends.

Shop now at www.movementrevolution.com/product/exogen-wearable-resistance-limb-combo​

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See you in about 2 hours!

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