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“EXOGEN® is one of the most innovative and ground-breaking products to come in the sports industry in the past 10-15 years. We are only scratching the surface on wearable resistance and LVRT (Light Variable Resistance Training) This is the future of movement specific training. AUT SPRINZ is excited to be part of this development.” – Dr. John Cronin

Dr. John Cronin is recognised internationally as one of the world’s leading sports scientists. He is a Professor of Strength and Conditioning at Auckland University of Technology’s Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand. As our Head of Research, Dr. Cronin oversees all EXOGEN® wearable resistance research globally.

The Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand (SPRINZ) is New Zealand’s number one rated sports research institute with a growing global reputation. SPRINZ is a group of dynamic and innovative researchers producing applied research in improving human health, sports performance and long-term athletic development.


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Our EXOPRENE® patented material-blend provides performance benefits including compression, thermo-regulation and support.

Benefits include:
- Reduced muscle fatigue
- Reduced muscle soreness
- Improved post training circulation
- Quicker recovery

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#LILAEDUCATION | Horizontal Force Training​

Do you have exercises that focus on horizontal force capability? Yes? No? Is it time to take a stocktake of your programs?​

Previously we discussed that focussing on horizontal force production would seem important for improving first step quickness and acceleration. It was also noted that the magnitude of the horizontal forces don’t necessarily need to change for better acceleration, rather the force orientation can be optimised for better sprint gains i.e. force vector specificity.​

So if warranted, you might consider getting more horizontal in your programming. Exercises can be acyclic such as the hip thrust or donkey kick or cyclic such as walking dumbbell lunges. We can get creative with, pulley and inertial flywheel systems. Rubber based and sled resistance can offer other great options. What about integrating various strongman activities or haltere/handheld type jumping? Have you focussed plyometric and medicine ball work horizontally?​

I am picking you all have some great exercises to share, so please do.​
(Every Wednesday we bring you an article by Prof. John Cronin, Head of Research at Auckland University of Technology. Join the conversation about #WearableResistance on his LinkedIn profile)​ https://www.linkedin.com/in/professor-john-cronin

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We are honoured and excited to be part of a very special project with Institut Sukan Malaysia (Malaysia Sports Institute). We had a fruitful meeting with CEO of the National Sports Institute of Malaysia @faedzal recently and here's what he has to say.​
REPOST @faedzal: Today’s meeting theme - Sports Technology and Innovation. Technology has been quietly transforming the global sports landscape.​
Today, Team ISN met two companies, Lila and ORS-Altair. @lila_movementechnology is a Malaysian company that invented and produce EXOGEN, a wearable-resistance technology which is quickly gaining ground as one of the most relevant and game-changing sports technology today. Also had a fruitful discussion with ORS-@altairengineering which specialised in simulation-driven design technology to generate innovative design solutions.​
@isnmalaysia as Malaysia’s Center of Excellence in Sports Technology welcome high-potential sports technology players and inventors to collaborate and partner with us. Change is inevitable.​
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Signup for our next #LILAWebinar: Performance Solutions Through Wearable Resistance Technology. Explore the development of modern Wearable Resistance technology, the science behind its direct transference to performance, and the applied uses in a specific speed, movement and agility training this Summer for your team sport off-season program.

Join this FREE webinar and learn how this game-changing innovation in resistance training is helping the very best team sport athletes on the planet accelerate their on-field, on the court, speed, agility, COD, and specific quickness with three renowned experts in this field.

Date & Time (please check your time zone):
30 June 2020, Tuesday, 8.00PM-9.30PM GMT-5
01 July 2020, Wednesday, 8.00AM-9:30AM GMT+8

REGISTER HERE https://bit.ly/LILATeamSportWebinar

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EXOGEN is described as the "Best training gear" -- as testified by Troy Woolfolk @twoolf29, 2019 Austin Fittest Winner. If winning is your goal, get onto the industry's leading wearable resistance today!​ Shop Dad & Grads Sale at movementrevolution.com #linkinbio​

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#LILAEDUCATION | Sprint Training for Hamstring Health by Prof. John Cronin, LILA Movementechnology Head of Research (in partnership with Auckland University of Technology).​
“Sprint train with wearable resistance attached to the calf. The likely benefits given the above researches* are:​ 1) increased fascicle length changes of the biceps femoris at least;​ 2) because of the added resistance you will be stronger at these longer lengths;​ 3) because of the high velocity strength training, tissues will be more injury resistant at high velocities; and,​ 4) I bet you run faster as well.​ What do you think?"​
*Mendiguchia, Jurdan & Conceicao, Filipe & Edouard, Pascal & Fonseca, Marco & Pereira, Rogerio & Lopes, Hernani & Morin, Jean-Benoît & Jimenez-Reyes, Pedro. (2020). Sprint versus isolated eccentric training: Comparative effects on hamstring architecture and performance in soccer players. PLOS ONE. 15. e0228283. 10.1371/journal.pone.0228283
*Oliver Hurst, Liam P. Kilduff, Michael Johnston, John B. Cronin & Neil E. Bezodis (2020) Acute effects of wearable thigh and shank loading on spatiotemporal and kinematic variables during maximum velocity sprinting, Sports Biomechanics, DOI: 10.1080/14763141.2020.1748099​

Join the full conversation on #WearableResistance at Prof. John Cronin's LinkedIn page.​
#LILAExogen #ImproveTheWayYouMove #TrainSmart #SpeedTraining #SpeedandAgility #speedandagilitytraining

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Our EXOGEN® Wearable Resistance Forearm Sleeves are the perfect training gift to improve Dad’s golf drive distance and help reduce his handicap. When loaded EXOGEN directly helps strengthen the wrist, forearm, shoulder and core muscles involved in the entire golf swing so your time-poor Dad can train more efficiently for golf at the driving range and on the golf course.

Dads & Grads Sale plus FREE SHIPPING Worldwide. No promo code necessary.​​ Shop now at https://bit.ly/LILADadGradsSale
*T&C applies.

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#EXOGENFORFOOTBALL | Get faster with Wearable Resistance in your warm-up! A recent published study by Bustos at al (2020) from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research showed that a group of soccer players using wearable resistance (WR) in a warm-up improved speed and leg power as compared to the unloaded control group. ​

Read the published study here https://bit.ly/BustosJSCRmay2020​

#LILAExogen #strengthandconditioning #wearableresistance #athleticperformance #speed #fitness #warmup

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