Can EXOGEN be worn during actual competition or is it only for training?

Yes, EXOGEN is designed to be worn during your actual sport like compression wear. The LOADS have been extensively tested to be safe during non-to-light contact situations.

Are there any safety guidelines for using EXOGEN?

Yes, although light, EXOGEN is still resistance training. Follow all standard safety and expert guidelines for exercise and be sure to read our USER GUIDE before training with EXOGEN.

Who shouldn’t use an EXOSKELETON?

Anyone can benefit from exercising and training with EXOGEN. There really are no limitations so long as you are medically fit and follow all safety guidelines outlined in our USER GUIDE.

Would I stop using other resistance equipment if I use EXOGEN?

Not at all, no single product provides everything. In fact, EXOGEN is the perfect partner for many current exercise trends. We highly recommend trying EXOGEN during your next suspension or bodyweight workout.