design-1EXOGEN’s patent pending material combination meets current scientific standards for improving recovery and performance with compression clothing. Additionally our innovative adjustable compression straps allow the best fit and offer you;

– Greater comfort
– Easy on and off
– Compression adjustments
– Secure anchoring during loading

During unloaded use EXOGEN functions as a high-performance compression garment. Once on, anchor the strap comfortably without tension. This can be adjusted individually based on your fit and comfort. If at any-time you feel it is too tight, uncomfortable or there is reduced circulation, open the straps and re-adjust with less or no tension. We recommend do not apply full tension of the straps either LOADED or un-LOADED for longer than 30 minutes.


EXOGEN’s integrated thermo-regulation system combines several key components to improve evaporative cooling.

MICROCOOLING™ – 3M SCOTCHGUARD®moisture management inner wicking layer quickly moves sweat and heat away from the skin to the outer layers.

MESOCOOLING™ – 3D COOLMAX® wicking mesh allows maximal breathability in the intermediate sweat zones of the neck, chest, under-arm, lower back and groin.

MACROCOOLING™ – our patent pending Spirale-perforations allow direct skin-on-air evaporative cooling, rapidly funnelling sweat and heat away from the body which directly improves evaporative cooling by over 20%.


design-3 Fascial Helix

Our design construction is engineered following the body’s natural fascial-helix support system. Fascia is the connective-tissue forming a continuous matrix around the body following a 3-D helix structure to support multi-planar movement around your body’s two major rotational, focal points:

EXOGEN’s innovative fascial-helix construction and material patterns are not only stylish but are designed to move naturally with you, facilitating your fascial helix support and allowing unrestricted multi-direction, natural human movement.


design-4EXOGEN’s innovative, built-in postural straps provide functional compression support to your core and lumbar region like nothing you’ve used before. Unlike bulky weight-belts or restrictive back supports this provides a functional increase in intra-abdominal pressure during exercise without the restrictions on movement and breathing.

Exercise, training and competition can quickly fatigue postural muscles even during light activity. This is especially true for athletes or people with chronic low back pain or a recent back injury. Our functional support straps are 100% adjustable so you can regulate the support as needed when the intensity of your activity or the loading of your exoskeleton increases.


Our Fusiform LOADS are biomechanically engineered to follow your natural muscle architecture allowing gravitational mobility. This basically means they can bend and flex according to gravity with little restriction allowing streamlined application to body contours even during movement. A feature unlike anything you have experienced or felt before.

FUSIFORM, FULL-FLEX LOADS not only allow you to target specific muscles but specific movements and skill patterns, something unprecedented in current resistance training methods



The key to EXOGEN’S design and performance is our patent-pending, EXOPRENE™ material which offers not only base compression but a level of support and function unlike anything available on the market today. This unique material blend offers you the very best in style, comfort and safety with the combined effects of Integrated-thermoregulation©, Scotchguard® wicking, AEGIS® eco-friendly, anti-microbial treatment, and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified human safe materials making EXOPRENE one of the most advanced high-performance materials available today.

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